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Truck Parts and Accessories – Resource Articles

For information on truck parts and accessories, and anything else truck-related, Performance 4 Trucks is your one-stop source. Here you will find a listing of articles to help you get the right truck and Jeep parts for your customization projects.

AIRAID intake systems
Unlock your engine’s full potential with an AIRAID performance intake system. AIRAID intakes feature unique inlet track and filter combinations that increase airflow up to 400 CFM compared to OE configurations. Easy to install with all hardware included, AIRAID intake systems enhance air flow for increased performance.
AIRAID Intakes Read More…

AIRAID Intake Systems

Unlock your engine’s full potential with an AIRAID performance intake system. AIRAID intakes feature unique inlet track and filter combinations that increase airflow up to 400 CFM compared to OE configurations. Easy to install with all hardware included, AIRAID intake systems enhance air flow for increased performance.

AIRAID Intake Systems for Improved Performance
Combustion uses air, and when you’re off-roading, there’s a lot of combustion going on inside a vehicle’s cylinders. When you get more air into your engine, the combustion improves and the efficiency increases. Read More…

Bilstein 5100 Shocks

There are several factors to consider when purchasing shocks and suspension lift kits for your truck. Several tips can make the installation and modification of Bilstein 5100 shocks a simpler process.

Bilstein 5100 Shocks for Your Truck
Many lift kits, including Bilstein 5100 shocks, come with instruction manuals for convenient do-it-yourself installation. Several types of truck suspension lift kits require complex installations. These installation procedures involve welding and cutting to accommodate certain components. Read More…

Dynomax Exhaust

One of the most integral components of your truck’s mechanical setup is the exhaust system. Every component in a vehicle, including the Dynomax exhaust setup, works in concert with one another so that the entire vehicle runs efficiently.

Dynomax Exhausts: Optimizing Your Truck’s Exhaust System
The exhaust system plays a significant role in the efficiency and performance of a vehicle, but it’s often overlooked. When you keep up with the required maintenance and invest in an aftermarket Dynomax exhaust system, you can obtain maximum performance from your truck on the highway or while off-roading. Read More…

CORSA Performance Exhaust

CORSA performance exhaust systems are designed for Dodges, Fords, GM trucks, SUVs, and muscle cars. CORSA exhausts come with features that put them miles ahead of the competition. Using patented CORSA Reflective Sound Cancellation RSC™ Technology, CORSA exhausts eliminate interior resonance while providing a bold sound outside of your vehicle.

Unlocking Your Vehicle’s Potential With CORSA Performance Exhaust Systems
With a limited lifetime warranty and constructed of 100 percent premium 304L stainless steel, CORSA performance exhaust systems have a straight-through, non-restrictive design that delivers high performance without creating interior resonance. You get a nice, bold exhaust sound without the excess noise in the passenger compartment. When you cruise down the highway or go off-roading in the wild, the last thing you want is a noisy cabin. You may want to listen to the stereo or have a conversation with a friend. A loud truck, SUV, or muscle car cabin is always a no-go. Read More…

High Performance Brakes

Your vehicle’s performance relies on the type of brakes, rotors, and pads installed. This is especially true for the performance of trucks and SUVs. These vehicles travel on rough terrain with sharp bends at high speeds. A set of high-performance brakes improves handling and control, making a significant difference in both performance and safety.

Taking Your Truck/SUV to the Next Level With High Performance Brakes, Rotors, and Pads
Tough road conditions can cause brake rotors to heat up to unsafe levels, leading to breakage and reduced grip. This is why you should choose a high-performance brake system that is strong enough to handle harsh road conditions. Read More…

Husky Liners

Featuring ruggedized, patented thermoplastic technology, Husky liners protect your floorboards from spills, mud, dirt, and anything else you can throw at them. With a lifetime warranty, these floor liners will be your truck’s trusted companion for a long time.

Protect Your Truck’s Interior Carpet With Husky Liners
Guaranteed not to crack or break, Husky liners often outlast your vehicle. Available in a range of colors, these floor liners are fully customizable to fit your truck’s front seat, second seat, third seat, and rear cargo area. Each Husky liner set is constructed of a rubberized thermoplastic material that comes in various form-fitting designs. Each liner protects your carpet from dirt and spilled liquids that can cause stubborn stains. Read More…

Nfab Nerf Bars

Replacement accessories are a part of truck and SUV ownership. Customize your truck or SUV with Nfab nerf bars for improved styling, functionality, and safety.

Nfab Nerf Bars for Your Jeep, Truck, or SUV
Trucks and other off-roading vehicles take a beating and keep on ticking. They are created for the rough outdoors. Many off-roaders recall the first time they drove a truck or SUV off the dealer’s lot. They remember the pristine condition of the new vehicle, including its parts and accessories.

Although you do your best to maintain your vehicle’s parts and accessories, the parts won’t last forever, and you will need to replace them. This is normal for parts you step on repeatedly, such as Nfab nerf bars, pedals, and floor mats.

All parts and accessories wear down during years of use, and require eventual replacement. Certain parts come with a long-life guarantee, but you will also need to replace these parts eventually.

Replacement parts
There are numerous parts that will require replacement, including Nfab nerf bar kits, lift kits, bumpers, shocks, tops, running boards, winches, wheels, tires, fender flares, and exhaust systems. Most aftermarket parts, including nerf bars, come in kits that include all of the hardware necessary for a quick, easy installation. Many parts only require a few common tools for successful installation.

Upgrade parts
Sometimes it’s best to upgrade parts when you need to replace them. Upgraded parts often improve performance and provide a longer service life than stock replacement components. Upgrades also improve the look of your truck or SUV, and can help turn heads wherever you drive. Take pride in your truck or SUV with custom accessories like Nfab nerf bars and running boards.

Some aftermarket upgrades improve comfort and increase the safety of the vehicle. Avoid installing low-quality parts and accessories. For the longest life and the

Off Road Light Bar

Before heading out for your next off-roading event, follow these helpful tips for an enjoyable and safe outing. Equipping your truck or SUV with the right accessories, such as off-road light bars and fender flares, can enhance your experience.

Pre Off-Road Trip Checklist With Your Off-Road Light Bars and Accessories
When taking your vehicle off-roading, check that it’s capable of off-road travel, then pack the proper gear before you head out. As any off-roader knows, all that you can expect is the unexpected. Before you hit the road, check that your vehicle is in good shape for the trip. Getting stranded in the backcountry can quickly ruin your adventure. Use these helpful off-road tips for a fun, safe outing. Read More…

Bushwacker fender flares

Bushwacker fender flares make your truck look fantastic. Fender flares also protect your truck’s exterior from the weather, and from road debris that can cause damage. Invest in fender flares to protect and enhance your truck’s appearance.

Enhance Your Vehicle With Bushwacker Fender Flares
In an average day, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Whether you agree or not, the vehicle you drive says something about your personality. For instance, a plain vehicle indicates a plain driver. Also, failing to install the equipment necessary to protect your vehicle makes the driver look lazy or uninformed. Selecting the appropriate parts and upgrades for your vehicle is like choosing what to wear in the morning. Consider upgrading your most valued investment with a set of Bushwacker fender flares. A Bushwacker fender flare set conveys toughness, sophistication, power, and protection. Read More…

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