Differential Accessories

If you need to upgrade your axle components, ring-and-pinion gears, differential, or accessories, Performance for Trucks carries a large inventory of the parts and gear to complete the project. The June Buyer’s Guide gives you a complete look at the axle and differential equipment you need to get the most from your truck’s powertrain.

Differential Accessories

Protect your axle investments with new G2 Axle & Gear Aluminum Diff Covers. General maintenance is a cinch with additional features like O-ring seals, magnetic drain plugs, and oil level dip sticks. Constructed of high-strength modular iron for added axle and internal gear protection, these ARB Competition Differential Covers deliver exceptional strength and durability.

G2 Axle & Gear Aluminum Diff Covers

Protect the internal components of your differential with a G2 aluminum differential cover. Along with increased protection, an aluminum cover keeps your gear oil cool, increasing bearing life. The cover is crafted from heat-treated, high-grade aluminum that can take direct impacts of all types.

Genuine Gear Aluminum Differential Covers

Install a Genuine Gears aluminum differential cover to diminish internal heat and decrease oil breakdown. This cover uses fins to prolong oil life.

ARB Competition Differential Covers

ARB offers a high-grade, competition-ready differential cover to protect an ARB Air Locker differential. The Air Locker is designed for tackling tough environments, and this cover offers the highest possible protection for your differential’s internal components.

Riddler Products Differential Covers

Riddler’s ductile iron differential cover will protect important drivetrain components from many types of impact damage. Riddler uses CNC machining techniques to produce the cover, with a lip-free transition design to prevent hang-ups. Riddler’s differential cover comes with permatex sealant, fasteners, and a lifetime guarantee.

Mag-Hytec High Capacity Differential Covers

To increase the operable life of your differential, install a Mag-Hytec high-capacity differential cover. This cover allows you to add more oil, which prolongs its life and increases cooling ability. The cover includes a magnetic drain plug, an oil level dip stick, and an O-ring seal, all improving maintenance of the differential.

aFe Differential Covers

Protect your differential with aFe Power’s new differential cover that has a 5-quart lube capacity, a magnetic drain plug, and a magnetic-tipped fill plug. The cover has external and internal fins that dissipate heat. The cover also features a big oil level site glass that includes a calibration plug with factory fluid levels. This prevents overfilling, which can damage internal components. The cover is manufactured from die-cast A380-T6 aluminum featuring reinforced ribs. The cover is finished in a black powder coat.

Rancho Differential Covers

Rancho crafts its differential covers from high-quality modular iron. This increases the protection of axle and internal components. The cover is ribbed for increased strength, and features off-set, oversized fill plugs for increased fluid capacity. The cover is finished in red powder coat.

G2 Hub Drive Flanges

Install G2 full-time drive flanges and replace your locking hubs for the highest possible axle strength and durability. G2 hubs lock the stub axle to the wheel hub with a billet steel flange. This provides more durability than other locking hubs.

Dynatrac Free Spin Hub Conversion Kit

Replace your factory bearings with Dynatrac’s free-spin, heavy-duty hub conversion kit. The kit removes an OEM weak link in many 4x4s, improves durability, increases fuel mileage, and provides a smooth, quiet ride.

Mile Marker Supreme Hubs

Replace your factory hub with a chrome or steel locking hub, which features an internal locking mechanism that provides long-lasting operation. All Mile Marker hubs come with a limited lifetime warranty.

WARN Internal Premium Hubs

If you need a tough, high-performance hub, WARN’s premium hub features all-metal construction and a ZA alloy dial that ensures years of operation. WARN premium hubs use a thick internal wave spring and heavy dial detents. The premium hub comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Lucas Gear Oil

Lucas Oil’s gear oil uses anti-wear and lubricity agents to provide superior performance, extending the operable life of differential components, and additives that dissipate heat. Lucas Oil products work well for both heavy-duty applications, race cars, and daily drivers.

Lucas Synthetic Motor Oils

Lucas Oil formulates its synthetic motor oil with a high-quality base stock. Lucas Oil then includes lubricity and anti-seize additives for improved performance. Lucas Oil’s synthetic oils come for most SAE grades, and conform to API SM/CF, ILSAC GF-3 and ILSAC GF-4 standards.

Lucas Transmission Fluids

Lucas Oil engineers its multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid to provide oxidation stability, corrosion resistance, wear protection, and heat resistance. Lucas Oil’s ATF also provides smooth shifting and eliminates chatter.