If you need to upgrade your axle components, ring-and-pinion gears, differential, or accessories, Performance for Trucks carries a large inventory of the parts and gear to complete the project. The June Buyer’s Guide gives you a complete look at the axle and differential equipment you need to get the most from your truck’s powertrain.


With tires rotating independently at different speeds, a differential transmits power to a vehicle’s axles to generate forward or backward movement. In general, the most common type is the open differential which is designed chiefly for daily highway driving. An open differential delivers increased traction at turns as it. An open differential, for this reason is not ideal for high-performance and off-road vehicles for which there are a variety of differential options available, including limited slip differentials, lockers, and spools such as Eaton E-Locker and Detroit Locker by Eaton just to name a few.

Differential Breakdown

  • Open Differential – The most prevalent OEM configuration offers the best handling for non-performance, street-driving conditions. These differentials are not suited to off-road/high-performance uses.
  • Limited Slip Differential – Distributes power to the axles with the most traction. Limited slip differentials provide more durability compared to factory components, and are a great option for increased traction.
  • Selectable Locker – Combines the drivability of an open differential with the durability of a spool. Selectable lockers give the driver the choice of switching between an open differential and a locked differential.
  • Automatic Locker – Provides automatic management of traction control, using current conditions to select between an open differential and a locked differential. Automatic lockers usually remain in the locked position, but will open when turning and cornering are needed. Perfect for extreme off-roading.
  • Spool – Offers a completely locked differential, spinning both axles together 100% of the time. Spools do not slip during turning, and are ideally suited for high-performance, non-street applications.

Eaton E-Locker – $75 Instant Rebate

Eaton’s E-locker™ provides an electromagnetic locking mechanism that offers a simple installation process, and performance that is reliable, smooth, and delivered at the push of a button. The E-locker™ is ideal for off-road and towing applications.

Auburn Ected Locker

Auburn’s Ected user-selectable differential lets the driver select between the spool and the limited slip options. The Ected has a Normal mode that works as a limited slip unit. The driver presses a button to activate the spool, locking both axles.

ARB Air Locker

The Air Locker is a pneumatically actuated locking differential, using forced air pressure to switch between an open differential and a spool. You need an on-board ARB air compressor to use the Air Locker. Compressor sold separately.

Ox Locker

With a flick of a switch, the Ox Locker transforms from an open differential to a locked one for optimal performance and traction control. The Ox Locker can be actuated pneumatically, electronically, or even manually. Manual shifter sold separately. All components are machined in the U.S.

PowerTrax No-Slip Automatic Locker

The No-Slip locker from PowerTrax lets you ditch spline noise without losing performance. Using side-gears and couplers, the no-slip locker senses the speed of gear movement and self-adjusts, ensuring that gear teeth completely lock and unlock. The No-Slip locker offers complete traction control when driving in a straight line, and unlocks when sliding into corners. Made of Zytanium, the No-Slip locker offers plenty of strength with components that won’t wear down easily.

Lock Right Locker by PowerTrax

The Lock-Right differential from PowerTrax can be quickly installed in any existing rear axle assembly without special tools. The Lock-Right is up to the challenge of tough, demanding off-road applications.

Detroit Locker by Eaton

Eaton’s Detroit Locker is a tough, rugged positive locking differential, available for 3,000 to 70,000-lb capacity axles. The Detroit Locker is built for the toughest of applications, providing incredible traction and prolonged durability. There are no parts to wear out and no special lubricants to use.

Auburn Limited Slip Differential

Auburn Gear’s H/P Series limited slip provides a smooth ride on the street, using a differential assembly that is preloaded with a tapered cone clutch system. This system is ideal for dual purpose, on-highway, and off-road applications. Auburn offers a four-year replacement warranty.

Auburn Pro Series Limited Slip Differential

Auburn’s Pro Series limited slip differential provides aggressive performance that is still suited to on-highway applications. The Pro Series uses a preloaded cone clutch system with a high preload rating. Auburn Gears covers Pro Series differentials with a four-year replacement warranty.

Detroit TrueTrac Limited Slip by Eaton

Detroit TrueTrac uses a helical gear design in its limited slip differential that eliminates the need for wearable parts. This provides maintenance-free traction. The TrueTrac is engineered to work quietly and efficiently for front- and rear-end assemblies.

Eaton Posi Limited Slip

The Eaton Posi limited slip differential helps a truck gain traction during mild off-road use. The Posi uses carbon disc clutch packs that come preloaded with a central spring assembly. This eliminates noise and improves performance.

G2 Spool

G2’s spool provides incredible traction performance by locking both axles together in an assembly. The G2 spool is crafted from billet 4140 steel and is not recommended for street use.

G2 Mini Spool

The G2 mini spool is CNC-machined from billet 4130 steel. This provides an inexpensive traction control option that is durable and easy to install.