Truck Parts Buyer’s Guide

If you need to upgrade your axle components, ring-and-pinion gears, differential, or accessories, Performance for Trucks carries a large inventory of the parts and gear to complete the project. The June Buyer’s Guide gives you a complete look at the axle and differential equipment you need to get the most from your truck’s powertrain.

Axle and Gear Packages

G2 Dana 60 Rock Jock Front Axle Assemblies are made of the highest quality alloy materials for incredible strength and long-lasting wear. 4 Wheel Parts offers these assemblies in complete G2 Axle Upgrade Kits to make installation straightforward and easy. You will ride knowing that your axle shafts are the strongest and most reliable in the industry.

G2 Dana 44 Front Axle Assemblies

G2 Axle & Gear constructs complete axle assemblies that are ready to bolt into your vehicle. The assemblies are built with premium G2 Axle & Gear chromoly axle shafts and Dana Spicer U-joints, your choice of lockers and gear ratios, Timken bearings, and National seals. The front axle assembly comes with new Dana Spicer ball joints.

G2 Dana 44 Rear Axle Assemblies

G2’s Dana 44 rear axle assemblies are bolt-in ready and come with high-quality components. These axles feature premium G2 Axle & Gear chromoly axle shafts with dual bolt pattern flanges, and are available in upgraded 33- or 35-spline options. Each assembly is constructed using National seals and Timken bearings. Select the gear ratio or locker of your choice.

G2 Dana 60 Rock Jock Front Axle Assemblies

G2 and Currie Enterprises have teamed up to construct a custom built Rock Jock axle assembly that offers Currie’s high-pinion ductile iron center section with G2’s locker, gears, bearings, and seals. These custom axle assemblies come with 1 1/2-inch, 35-spline chromoly axle shafts for increased durability. Each front axle assembly comes with tie rods and a special track bar system.

G2 Dana 60 Rock Jock Rear Axle Assemblies

G2 and Currie Enterprises have joined forces to construct the most durable rear axle assembly available for your Jeep. The Rock Jock assembly uses Currie’s high-pinion ductile iron center section, and combines it with G2’s high-performance internal components. These components include lockers, ring and pinion sets, bearings, and seals.

G2 Axle Upgrade Kits

G2 crafts its rear axle kits from high-tensile alloy steels, then the kits are forged and heat-treated for increased strength. G2 offers several large-spline options for increased torsional loads than stock units provide.

G2 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Replace poor performing rear drum brakes with a G2 rear disc brake conversion kit. Each kit is high-quality and self-cleaning.

Ten Factory Axle Upgrade Kits

Constructed using 1541h high manganese or 4140 chromoly material, Ten Factory’s axle kits offer incredible strength and durability. Ten Factory offers a 10-year warranty on its products.

CTM U-Joints

CTM uses a bronze sleeve to construct its U-joints, which prevents wear and degraded performance. For trouble-free operation, keep the U-joint sleeves well-greased with a grease gun.

Dana Spicer PermaLube Axle U-Joints

Dana produces the Spicer line of heavy-duty U-joints, giving you superior construction with upgraded seals that prevent moisture from accessing the product. Spicer U-joints don’t have a lube channel, which makes them more durable, and able to perform with modern high-performance engines.

Ten Factory Replacement Axles

Ten Factory produces a line of replacement axles that can bolt directly into place of OEM axle shafts without any modification. OEM axles are constructed using inexpensive material, and designed for average street use. Ten Factory uses high manganese 1541h material for its replacement axles, and each axle comes with a 10-year warranty.

G2 Wheel Bearing and Seal Kits

G2 uses top quality seals and bearings for its wheel bearing kits. Each kit takes the guess work out of finding the proper seals and wheel bearings for your axle.