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Jeep Parts and Performance Products 4 Trucks

For Jeep partsJeep accessories, and anything else Jeep-related, Performance 4 Trucks highly recommends 4 Wheel Drive Hardware for all your Jeep parts needs.

Here are a few samples of the top name brand Jeep parts you’ll find at 4 Wheel Drive Hardware:

Jeep Lift Kits
Add those extra inches to your Jeep and also improve articulation with Jeep lift kits. Choose from all the best name brands in Jeep lift kits, like Pro Comp, Fabtech, Skyjacker, Rancho, Superlift and plenty of others. Read More…

Jeep Tops at 4 Wheel Drive Hardware

Finding the right Jeep tops for your situation can be a tough choice. Whether you’re looking for simple hardtop Jeep tops, or maybe the more off-road-styled halftop, you have a multitude of options for installing Jeep tops.

Here is a brief glimpse at a few of the Jeep tops you can choose from:

Jeep Hard Tops
Hard top Jeep tops are the way to go for protection, warmth, and insulation. Plus, Jeep hard tops also come equipped with a number of popular features, such as power windows, rear window defrosters, and more. Read More…

Jeep Winches: Jeep Winch Profile

From top Jeep winches and Jeep accessories manufacturer Smittybilt comes the all-new XRC-10 Jeep winch.

The XRC-10 Jeep winch follows the success of its bestselling younger brother, the XRC-8. Together, these heavy duty Jeep winches make up a duo of hardcore recovery systems with great features and premium price points.

For those wanting a Jeep winch with some serious pulling muscle and a comprehensive set of features, the XRC-10 sets a whole new standard for top quality Jeep winches. Read More…

Jeep Parts that Work for Trucks, Too

Whether you have a truck or a Jeep, either way you want your vehicle to run at its peak. There are some Jeep parts that are strictly for Jeeps, and some truck parts that only work for trucks, and then there are those that apply equally well to both trucks and Jeeps. Here are a few examples of Jeep parts that are also a great addition to any truck. With some of these off road parts, you’ll need to get one made specifically for a Jeep or a truck, but the same principles will still apply. Read More…

6 Commonly Asked Questions about Jeep Soft Tops – Part 2

Now that you’ve purchased your Jeep soft top, there are still plenty of questions you may have. In the second half of our article, we’ll answer the most common questions for people who have bought Jeep soft tops, including installations, returns, and replacement parts.

3. Can I install the Jeep soft top myself?
Answer: In general, if you have the basic tools and general mechanical knowledge, you can definitely install a soft top. Of course, like anything else, the difficulty of the installation depends on which Jeep soft top you choose. An average installation can range anywhere from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours. We absolutely recommend following the installation instructions, which can often be found online directly from the manufacturer.

4. One of the components on my Jeep soft top broke. Can I get a replacement part?
Answer: You can find individual replacement parts for your Jeep soft top, but the real question here is, “Is that the smartest choice?” Bestop offers a decent range of replacement parts that will lengthen the life of your soft top. However, replacement parts are often very expensive. In many cases, it’s not worth it to replace the components individually when you could get a whole new soft top kit that has everything you need at a more reasonable price. It mostly depends on whether you think this will be a one-time thing or if you foresee more and more pieces needing replacement. Read More…

Tips & Tricks When Shopping for Jeep Tops

Admit it – we know there are some of you out there that own both a truck and a Jeep. They’re both great vehicles for on and off the road, so it actually makes perfect sense. But if you’re just getting into the Jeep game, Jeep tops are an accessory that you can’t pass by.

If you own a truck, you can get away without having a tonneau cover if you simple choose to not store any cargo in it for extended periods. But Jeep tops protect the interior of the vehicle where you’ll be sitting, and the driver is definitely not optional!

The biggest decision you’ll have to make is the same dilemma you probably came across when you were shopping for tonneau covers – do you go with the hard version or the soft? The process isn’t going to be that different for Jeep tops, although you may be a little less risky since it’s about both your cargo’s and your own well-being. The choice is going to come down to three issues: environment, security, and price. Read More…

Jeep Tires and Top Rated Jeep Tire Brands

Jeep tires are a big purchase, and as such should be given a significant amount of attention before handing over hard-earned dollars for just any Jeep tire model.

Considering the sheer number of models, sizes, and brands of Jeep tires out there, narrowing it down to that perfect Jeep tire purchase can be a somewhat lengthy and convoluted process.

Thus, in order to help get you one step closer to getting the Jeep tires that will suit your needs, 4 Wheel Parts would like to take a moment to review two of the more popular Jeep tire brands to assist you with making a more informed purchase decision. Read More…

Jeep Parts: Must-Haves and Best Kept Secrets

For anyone new to Jeep parts and off-roading, we’d like to take a moment to go over a few Jeep parts that deserve enough attention as necessary or highly practical components to be deemed either, “best kept secrets,” or “must-have” Jeeps parts.

It should be noted that all of these Jeep parts are affordably priced and available for purchase at 4 Wheel Parts: your source for top brands of everything Jeep-related.

Must-Have: Skid Plates

Many would argue that Skid Plates are one of the most crucial Jeep parts for any off-road enthusiast. After all, what good are custom modifications if your undercarriage Jeep parts aren’t protected? Invest in Skid Plates and protect your important Jeep parts. Read More…

Jeep Tops: Product Spotlight and Overview

When it comes to Jeep tops, it’s all about choice. With so many different options available, getting the right Jeep top is simply a matter of picking the one your prefer.

Of course, there are a few other factors to take into consideration. After all, why invest money into that brand new Jeep top only to find out that it may not be optimal for your situation? Thankfully, that’s where we come in.

Whether it’s a sporty halftop-style Jeep top, or a heavy duty hardtop, each Jeep top has its purpose and place in Jeep customization, so it’s probably a good idea to know the benefits and advantages of each one before committing to a purchase.

Jeep Tops: Getting to Know Your Choices

Jeep Top Spotlight On: Sailcloth Replace-A-Top

The Sailcloth fabric of this premium Jeep top provides a twist on the usual Replace-A-Top. Using a unique multi-ply construction, each individual ply works to drown out road noise while enhancing insulation. The end result is a quiet Jeep top that offers comfort far beyond that of factory Jeep tops. Read More…

Jeep Winches: A Top Seller

There are many Jeep winches to choose from, and sometimes the ability to sell can speak volumes about what kind of Jeep winches they are. For this reason, we would like to take a moment to briefly look at one the top-selling products in Smittybilt winches.

Granted, this should not be taken as suggesting that certain Jeep winches are superior over another solely because of sales, but rather just one more thing to take into consideration for your decision making process.

Smittybilt Winches:


There are no earth-shattering or super high-tech features on the XRC-8. It won’t beg, roll over, shake, or get the newspaper every morning. Sure, it comes standard with many features often included with Jeep winches, but there’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Read More…