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From top Jeep winches and Jeep accessories manufacturer Smittybilt comes the all-new XRC-10 Jeep winch.

The XRC-10 Jeep winch follows the success of its bestselling younger brother, the XRC-8. Together, these heavy duty Jeep winches make up a duo of hardcore recovery systems with great features and premium price points.

For those wanting a Jeep winch with some serious pulling muscle and a comprehensive set of features, the XRC-10 sets a whole new standard for top quality Jeep winches.

A Closer Look: XRC-10 Jeep Winch

Taking a look at the features and performance of the XRC-10, you can see that it’s stacked with just about all the Jeep winch essentials for recovery jobs, plus a few extra Jeep accessories as a nice little bonus.

Performance-wise, the XRC-10 Jeep winch comes equipped with a state-of-the-art 5.5 horsepower series wound motor, as well as a 3-stage planetary gear system that offers a 218:1 gear ratio.

This translates to some major pulling power for tough recovery situations. In addition, the XRC-10’s premium components are built durable and dependable, even against overheating. An included fairlead also ensures a smooth extension or retraction of winch rope, while the automatic load-holding brake maintains stability when holding loads.

For those who enjoy gadgets, the XRC-10 also comes with a 12-foot illuminated remote control. Finally, an included aircraft cable and replaceable hook round out a hefty Jeep winch package.

Best of all, however, off road enthusiasts can get the XRC-10 Jeep winch with all its great features at a low price of $499.99 — a premium for all Jeep winches.

A First for Jeep Winches

See for yourself why the XRC-10 makes a great all-around Jeep winch package. Be it the high-end construction and parts, or maybe the extensive features and capabilities, XRC-10 Jeep winches deliver quality and value that’s hard to match.

XRC-10 Jeep Winch
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