Jeep Parts that Work for Trucks, Too

Whether you have a truck or a Jeep, either way you want your vehicle to run at its peak. There are some Jeep parts that are strictly for Jeeps, and some truck parts that only work for trucks, and then there are those that apply equally well to both trucks and Jeeps. Here are a few examples of Jeep parts that are also a great addition to any truck. With some of these off road parts, you’ll need to get one made specifically for a Jeep or a truck, but the same principles will still apply.

Air Intake Systems
This is one such off road part that will need to be specifically for your vehicle, but the end results will be the same. These truck and Jeep parts are all about increasing power while producing optimal gas mileage. When you install an air intake system, it makes sure that the proper amount of air is getting to the gas. This will create a larger explosion when the gas/air mixture is ignited, giving you more power by providing a better air flow.

As long as there is enough clearance, a tire can go on virtually any type of vehicle. These truck and Jeep parts transcend vehicular boundaries. Instead of focusing on the vehicle, tire manufacturers focus on the use. If these tires are going to be taken mostly on off road trails, then they’re going to be made to handle as much mud and rock as possible no matter what type of vehicle they’re mounted on. Just get the type of tire that matches the type of driving you do and you’ll be good to go, regardless of your ride.

Lift Kits
All vehicles come with a standard ride height, even if they do differ from each other. So no matter what type of vehicle you have, it’s possible to choose tires that are just too large unless you install a lift kit. Not only will these truck and Jeep parts give you the extra inches you need to fit larger tires, but they will also provide more clearance over any off-road obstacles you encounter.

Floor Mats
At the end of a day of good, hard off-roading, you don’t want to find yourself with half the woods inside your vehicle. The problem with tracking in dirt and mud is that it will seep into the carpet and then dry up, making it incredibly difficult to get out and decreasing the value of your vehicle. This is a universal rule that can be easily avoided by installing floor mats. These truck and Jeep parts will protect your interior from any kind of dirty, damaging materials. And best of all, you can get them custom fit for your particular vehicle.

These are just a few truck and Jeep parts that will make a huge difference, showing that not all off road parts are confined to just one class of vehicle.