Bilstein 5100 Shocks

There are several factors to consider when purchasing shocks and suspension lift kits for your truck. Several tips can make the installation and modification of Bilstein 5100 shocks a simpler process.

Bilstein 5100 Shocks for Your Truck
Many lift kits, including Bilstein 5100 shocks, come with instruction manuals for convenient do-it-yourself installation. Several types of truck suspension lift kits require complex installations. These installation procedures involve welding and cutting to accommodate certain components.

If you need to do upgrades and modifications to your truck’s lift kit by installing a new set of shocks, then you may also need to tune other components to compensate for the change. Your truck’s engine comes out of the factory adjusted to a specific gear ratio to properly propel the vehicle. When you install a Bilstein 5100 shock system, the gear ratio needs to be adjusted. The suspension system affects the characteristics of the entire vehicle. Changing your suspension requires modifications to other components.

Off-roaders often pair a new suspension system with a larger set of wheels and tires. Having wider tires offers greater stability when off-roading. More aggressive off-road tires provide increased traction, and allow your vehicle to get through harsher environments. Make sure that you get the proper direction from an experienced off-roader when selecting a wheel and tire set.

Vehicle weight
When you’re in the market for Bilstein 5100 shocks, weight is important. Your suspension may become strained, particularly if you’re using a stock suspension setup with a heavier set of wheels and tires. This is a common issue with truck lift-kit installations. Depending on the difference between the stock suspension and the truck’s ride height, you can either modify the suspension to compensate, or if the difference is slight, leave the setup alone and get used to the different feel of the truck as it rolls.

Check vehicle regulations in your area to verify that your lift kit is street legal before you install it. A lift kit involves a major change to your truck’s suspension, and some states have outlawed certain types of lift kits. Finding out that a lift kit is illegal in your state after you install it can be costly and disappointing. You may need to upgrade certain components prior to completing your lift kit installation. These components include brakes, the truck’s drivetrain, and steering linkage to ensure your new Bilstein 5100 shock system performs well.