Leveling Kits: Get Even with Leveling Lift Kits

Leveling kits are just one of the many components that work to give your rig that perfect, custom look. Though not as prominent or crucial to your ride as suspension kits, leveling lift kits still play a fairly important role in vehicle customization.

But the fact is leveling kits are somewhat overlooked when it comes to vehicle modifications. Sure, many know what they are and what they do, but many also probably don’t possess an intimate knowledge of leveling lift kits.

For this reason, Performance Products 4 Trucks would like to take a closer look at leveling kits, with special attention on the benefits and different types.

Major Functions of Leveling Kits

At their core, leveling kits are intended to add height to a vehicle with an uneven stance in order to keep the vehicle riding flush and level. It’s a basic premise, but leveling kits ultimately affect a variety of other factors as well.

For one, an uneven stance or a significant weight discrepancy can put added duress on certain parts of your vehicle; most notably, the suspension and tires. Not only can leveling kits save you from this added strain, but they will also ensure that your vehicle is performing up to spec and also achieve better fuel economy.

Leveling kits also offer use as a way to gain some extra inches to make room for larger tires, and are optimal in this function given the overall stability of leveling lift kits.

Finally, for the everyday workman who does a lot of towing and hauling, leveling kits can help mitigate the performance loss that results from the added burden of utilizing your truck in an industrial capacity.

Types of Leveling Kits

There are 3 primary types of leveling kits, plus a couple of other kits that offer similar function with slight variation.

Keep in mind, however, that leveling lift kits are not like suspension kits in that there are many different models that go with your vehicle. Only one particular type of primary leveling kit will work for you, depending on your ride.

Strut Extensions:

These leveling kits are about as simple as it gets. Spacers are placed on top of the factory struts, giving you extra lift without the need to replace any other stock hardware: simple, quick, and easy.

Torsion Keys:

Vehicles with torsion bars can get added lift without leveling kits, but stock torsion keys can’t hold up to the added strain. Premium torsion keys are just what you need to safely and effectively get the extra lift you need.

Coil Spring Spacers:

Similar to strut extension leveling kits, coil spring spacers are placed on top of factory spring buckets for those few precious inches of lift; however, some coil spring spacer leveling kits require the use of shock extensions.

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