AIRAID Intake Systems

Unlock your engine’s full potential with an AIRAID performance intake system. AIRAID intakes feature unique inlet track and filter combinations that increase airflow up to 400 CFM compared to OE configurations. Easy to install with all hardware included, AIRAID intake systems enhance air flow for increased performance.

AIRAID Intake Systems for Improved Performance
Combustion uses air, and when you’re off-roading, there’s a lot of combustion going on inside a vehicle’s cylinders. When you get more air into your engine, the combustion improves and the efficiency increases.

When searching for a good air intake system, there are many types to choose from. It’s important to know what sets each system apart from one another so you can make an informed choice. AIRAID intakes are computer-designed and dyno-tested to improve airflow to your engine, which improves both torque and horsepower.

The idea is to get cold, dense air into your engine. AIRAID intake systems are built from the best materials available, and deliver cold, dense air to the engine for optimal power. AIRAID’s most popular air intake kits include the Short Ram Air intake, Long Ram Cold Air intake, and the Ram Air intake. Here is a quick rundown on how these systems work.

Short Ram Air intakes
Short Ram Air intake systems have features that are similar to Long Ram intakes. The main difference is the use of shorter tubing compared to cold air intake systems. The Short Ram draws in warmer, less dense air because it sits closer to the engine. Short Ram Air intakes deliver higher performance than stock air intake systems.

Long Ram Air intakes
The Long Ram Cold Air intake system delivers increased horsepower and improved gas mileage. By replacing restrictive stock air boxes with smooth-flowing mandrel bent tubing, the Long Ram system raises volumetric efficiency within the vehicle’s engine. This increases the velocity of the air that flows to the cylinders. The air that goes into the engine becomes cooler and denser, translating to increased performance and efficiency.

The Ram Air intake system uses an intake scoop to force outside air into the engine. This increases air velocity as the vehicle’s speed increases. Dense, cold, high-velocity air is fed into your engine, producing more horsepower. AIRAID intakes produce optimum performance for your engine, using large air inlets to keep cold air flowing into your cylinders. Each AIRAID intake comes with all of the parts necessary for easy installation and maintenance.