Economy & Engine Performance: A Buyer’s Guide For Truck Performance and Economy Parts

The search for improved truck performance and increased truck economy are two of the most common reasons to add aftermarket parts to your vehicle. Here we have compiled a short list of parts that will increase truck fuel economy, add to your truck’s performance and, in some cases, improve truck reliability. If you don’t see the truck performance part you want or need here, take heart – this is just a small sampling of what’s available.

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Performance Intakes, Exhausts, & Mufflers

AFE’S new Stage 2 Sealed Cold Air Intake for 2001-2004 GM Trucks with V8-6.6L Duramax (td) LB7 Diesel

Just released from advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) is a sealed, Stage 2 cold air intake system for 2001-2004 GM trucks (Chevy and GMC), equipped with the V8-6.6L Duramax LB7 turbo engine.

The sealed Stage 2 Air Intake System features a fully enclosed, plastic filter housing that includes an auxiliary inlet air duct for increased airflow. The housing is rotomolded for a precise fit in the factory mounting locations and features a black powder coated aluminum diamond-plate cover that provides easy access to the filter for servicing. The air intake tubes are specially designed to maximize air flow, velocity, and volumetric efficiency. These same air intake tubes are insulated to reduce intake air temperature. All this means improved truck performance for your rig due to increased horsepower, torque and throttle response. Truck economy should improve too.

Testing shows these truck performance parts produce an astounding increase in power of 16 hp and 36 ft. lbs. of torque. With 51% more air flow than the factory intake, fuel economy is also improved when tested under driving conditions similar to stock testing.

Two kits are available: part numbers 75-80783 or the Value Pack 75-80782. Both come with a Pro-Guard 7 filter, which has 5 layers of progressive cotton media plus 2 layers of synthetic media that produce maximum filtration. The Pro-Guard 7 is a wet (oiled) filter. The Value Pack also includes a pre-filter, filter cleaning/restore kit with oil for the Pro-Guard 7 filter, and a second “Pro Dry S” 2-layer dry synthetic filter that does not require oiling.

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Airaid® Cold Air Intake FOR ’08-09 Ford Super Duty with 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel


Ford’s new Diesel, the 2009 6.4L Power Stroke, features Ford’s new and innovative Ford Clean Turbo Technology™ and Ford Clean Diesel Technology™. These systems reduce emissions without sacrificing power and set a new standard in performance. This new technology improves truck performance, producing an impressive 350 hp and 650 ft-lbs of torque stock. However, the factory is always forced to compromise and this is where aftermarket truck parts come into play.

To supplement Ford’s new technology, Airaid has released their newest intake system to improve both truck performance and truck economy for owners of the 2009 Ford Super Duty. Utilizing the latest computer aided technology AirAid® has designed their air intake to draw in a bigger charge of cold air to boost truck performance and engine efficiency. The new AirAid® filter system utilizes the factory filter location and maintains the stock filter mounting points. It includes an AirAid synthetic filtration air cleaner that keeps dirt out while letting in crucial fresh air, providing maximum airflow and filtration. The system comes with all the necessary hardware, detailed instructions, and AirAid’s exclusive “No Hassle Warranty.” Part Number 400-214 fits the F-250, F350, F450 and F550.

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Magnaflow Dodge Truck Performance Parts for your RAM 1500


One of the best ways to improve truck performance is to replace the restrictive stock exhaust with a free flow aftermarket system. MagnaFlow offers several systems for the Ram 1500 to fit both the 4.7L V6 and the 5.7L V8 engines. These systems come in single rear side exit, dual same side rear exit, and split rear exit configurations. Truck fitment is for the Regular Cab, Crew Cab and Quad Cab trucks. When it comes to Cat-back exhaust systems that deliver top truck performance, MagnaFlow has you covered.

MagnaFlow’s cat-back exhaust systems are dyno tested and proven to improve truck performance and truck economy by increasing both torque and horsepower. A smooth deep tone will also improve your truck’s sound factor.

MagnaFlow catback systems include 3″ stainless steel tubing, a fully polished stainless steel muffler and fully polished tips. They are all 100 percent stainless steel and are backed by MagnaFlow’s lifetime warranty. Seen here is a split dual rear exit system.

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Dynomax Performance Exhaust Cat-Back Single System for Jeep Diesel


Truck performance goes off-road with the Dynomax cat-back system for the 2008-09 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel. The Grand Cherokee is first US production civilian Jeep 4×4 to be equipped with a diesel engine. The new 3.0L CRD Turbo V6 comes alive with a Dynomax exhaust. This system includes a single inlet/single outlet Ultra Flo Welded™ muffler, 3-inch 409 stainless steel mandrel- bent piping, and a buffed, polished, logo-embossed stainless tip. The straight-through flow design of the Ultra Flow muffler provides optimal exhaust flow.

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K&N High-Flow Intake System adds 8.17 Horsepower to 2009 Jeep Wrangler


K&N offers the High-Flow intake system for the 2009 Jeep Wrangler 3.8L V6. Designed to increase performance and help improve fuel economy, the K&N system can increase your Jeep’s horsepower by 8.17 hp at 4807 rpm over the stock.

To achieve more horsepower, K&N replaces the Wrangler’s original intake assembly with a more efficient setup. The all-new intake design from K&N includes a better flowing air box, air filter, and intake tube.

The new system draws air through a K&N High-Flow Air Filter that increases airflow and never needs to be replaced. The Wrangler’s stock air box is replaced with a chrome top cone-shaped air filter. To protect the air filter and isolate it from engine heat, a powder coated steel heat shield replaces the Wrangler’s stock air box. All this means increased performance, power, and fuel economy for your Jeep Wrangler.

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MBRP Inc™ Exhaust Systems/ Jeep Wrangler TJ


MBRP has a line of performance exhaust systems that provide you improved Jeep performance. They offer systems for 1997-2006 model-year Jeep Wrangler TJs with either the inline-four 2.5L or the inline-six 4.0L.

MBRP exhaust systems, have a cat-back design that delivers a rich, mellow exhaust note while improving performance and fuel economy. Installation is simple and can be done with common hand tools.

You can choose from the Installer Series (heavy-duty aluminized steel, three-year warranty) or the XP Series (T409 stainless, lifetime warranty). Each comes complete with a mirror-polished T304 stainless tip for a side-exit system.

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Performance Programmers & Chips

Pro Comp Accu Pro, Calibration Tool


Sometimes truck performance is not just about the parts, but also about the calibration after the parts are installed. Accu Pro electronic calibration tools are the answer to the question of what to do after your installed truck parts result in ECU calibration issues. More specifically, the speedometer calibration error occurs when you install taller or shorter tire and wheel combinations and/or change gear ratios.

The Accu Pro plugs directly into the vehicle’s diagnostic port and is easy to use. Simply enter the correct screen and the Accu Pro will allow you to recalibrate your ECU (engine computer) for these changes. Once finished, your speedometer and odometer will again read correctly. You won’t have to wonder how fast you are traveling or what your vehicle’s true mileage is anymore. Part throttle shifting issues are usually addressed by this recalibration too.

In addition, the Accu Pro will read the DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) from your OBD II system, allowing you to diagnose a wide range of issues.

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Juice with Attitude from Edge Products for the 2007-2009 Dodge 6.7L Diesel


Edge products increase Dodge diesel truck performance with two new truck parts. The first of these is their Juice inline module that mounts under the hood and hooks into the factory harness connections. The Juice module is controlled by the Attitude, an in-cab controller/monitor. The Juice with Attitude combination features the ability to safely adjust power levels on the fly, from stock to over 100 hp and 250 ft-lbs of torque, in 7 steps. Each level provides a smooth and precise power curve that is truly customized.

The system also includes safety features such as reduced fueling to reduce excessive exhaust gas temperature (EGT), extreme boost levels, and unwarranted transmission slippage. A turbo timer is also included that protects the turbo by allowing the truck to run after shutdown until the turbo cools to a safe temperature.

With a stock setting and six additional power levels, the Edge with Attitude is designed to improve fuel economy and increase truck performance, providing better power and towing. The unit also has extreme settings for racing. Overall, the Juice with Attitude provides flexible power and truck performance.

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Jet Provides Toyota Truck Performance with Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensors


JET Performance Products offers calibrated Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensors that improve truck performance for 1998-2005 Toyota trucks and SUVs. Applications include the 4 Runner, Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Sequoia and Tundra trucks.

The Jet Powr-Flow Mass Air sensor delivers improved horsepower, torque, throttle response, and increased fuel economy. The Jet Mass Air sensor is a simple replacement for the stock unit that increases airflow up to 45%. The factory intake housing is retained and no vehicle modifications are required. Best of all, as truck performance parts go, this one is a snap to install taking under 10 minutes. The Jet Powr-Flow is compatible with other performance upgrades such as cold air intakes, exhausts, computer upgrades, etc.

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BD Diesel Performance Cool Down Timer


Truck performance parts are seldom thought of as products that prevent damage to your engine. In truth, keeping your engine in top shape means better performance, or at least a way to reduce performance degradation.

With turbo diesel engines, shutting your engine down after heavy hauling when the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is above normal can result in turbo bearing damage. Of course, a damaged turbo is a costly and performance robbing state of affairs.

Now you can protect your Diesel’s turbo with Bully Dog’s Cool Down Timer (CDT). The CDT works with any K-Type EGT probe commonly found in most pyrometer gauge kits and has adjustable shut down temperature settings. Five quick shut down and minute timeout functions are also standard. Once installed, just turn off the ignition, lock your doors, and walk away. The truck will remain running until the turbo has cooled down. BD’s CDT takes care of engine shutdown, when it is safe to do so.

The new design of the CDT adds increased troubleshooting ability and new installation features, plus the ability to work with vehicle security alarms. For 2008 and newer vehicles, it also helps in reducing regeneration of the DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter.

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Hypertech’s E-con™ Economy Power Programmer with Exclusive Transmission/Converter program available for gas,E85 and Diesel Engines


Truck performance and truck economy gains can be had with the Hypertech E-CON Power Programmer. The E-CON is designed for drivers who need better fuel mileage and more power, but don’t want to pay for other high-performance programming features offered in more advanced level power programmers.

E-CONs are programmed with Hypertech’s Max Energy Tuning™, Diagnostics, and back to stock options. They also come with a USB cable and a CD containing software to enable quick updates over the internet.

To increase engine efficiency, horsepower, and torque, Hypertech’s engineers have optimized the spark and fuel curves point by point over the entire rpm band.

Their exclusive Transmission/Converter Program lowers automatic transmission shift points and locks the torque converter at lower speeds to average a lower amount of engine revs, intake strokes, friction, pumping losses, and fuel wasting torque converter slippage. This all equates to increased fuel economy. You can expect maximum power and fuel mileage for your truck after using the E-CON. Hypertech customers are claiming 2 to 6 mpg gains.

Simply plug the E-CON into the vehicle’s under-dash connector and choose your tuning program. The E-CON can also read and clear DTCs, or “check engine” lights. All products are 50 State Street Legal and have a 30-Day, Risk- Free Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Superchips’ 2004 – 2007 4.7L Dodge RAM, Durango Dakota 4.7L HO Programmers


If you’re looking to increase truck performance, one of the quickest and most cost-efficient ways is to change the ECU calibration. Superchips offers two different programmers to fit your needs and pocket book: the Flashpaq andCortex. Both these units will improve engine performance for your 4.7L and 4.7L-HO Dodge.

The 4.7L and 4.7LHO are now more exciting for on-road, off-road, and towing uses with Superchips calibration. The 4.7L Dodge gains up to 18 RWHP with up to 20 ft. lbs of torque. The 4.7L HO Dodge gains up to 30 RWHP with up to 38 ft. lbs of torque. This increased power not only means better truck performance, but also better fuel economy.

Other key features include throttle response (power on demand), 87 Octane calibration, speed limiter adjustment, rpm limiter adjustment, DAQ 1, DAQ 2, and diagnostic trouble code read and clear capability. Real time sensor display, automatic transmission shift point adjustment, and wheel tire recalibration for 22.5″ – 42″ (1/4″ increments) tires is also included. Cortex units also include OEMFLEX Tuning and a 2-year powertrain warranty.

Free online updates from Superchips means your programmer is never out of date. Superchips constantly reengineers their calibrations to stay current with the newest calibration files and OEMs released, making them available at no cost to their customers. The 4.7L and 4.7LHO coverage will be included in Cortex P/N 3950 and Flashpaq P/N3815 performance programmers.

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Pro Comp Power Pro Engine Management Performance Tuners


Truck performance parts are not always what you can bolt-on; sometimes they are what you can plug in. Pro Comp Power Pro tuners are state-of-the-art engine management tools that plug in to your truck and deliver extraordinary power and torque gains. In addition, the Power Pro offers unparalleled transmission controls and improved fuel economy. The tuners feature advanced “plug and play” technology for easy installation.

Power Pro tuners allow you to re-tune the ECU for increased truck performance using regular fuel or premium fuels only to get added performance. Truck owners can also raise or lower rev and top speed limiters, as well as increase or decrease transmission shift points and shift firmness.

As with the Pro Comp Accu Pro, owners can recalibrate the speedometer and odometer for tire size and/or differential gear changes and read DTCs (trouble codes). All engine and vehicle operations work exactly the same except your engine and transmission will now work more efficiently, which equals more power, more torque, and better fuel economy.

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Injection & Liquid Treatment Performance

RBP Diesel Fuel Additive


When thinking of increasing truck performance, one often thinks about improving programming and adding truck performance parts. RPB Diesel offers a third option for owners of diesel powered rigs: improving fuel quality.

RBP offers the most advanced diesel fuel additive on the market today. Simply adding this to your diesel fuel will improve truck performance, fuel efficiency, and increase the longevity of diesel engines while reducing deposits, black smoke, and emissions. It also improves fuel economy as much as 10 percent by cleaning dirty injectors and allowing proper fuel atomization, keeping the injectors lubricated so they last longer and operate more efficiently.

RBP Diesel Fuel Additive will pay for itself in two different ways. RBP has a special formulated lubricity that is extremely concentrated, which keeps injectors lubricated and increases their life. When the injectors are lubricated properly, they operate more efficiently, which increases fuel mileage. RBP’s diesel fuel additive increases cetane, adds lubricity, lubricates cylinder walls and injectors, and decarbonizes combustion chambers to increase engine life. The Diesel Fuel Additive completely disperses water, controls waxing and gelling, prevents formation of algae and harmful acid, stabilizes fuel for storage and contains no alcohol. This is a must for users of both standard and bio-diesel fuels, especially when using new ultra low-sulfur diesel in older trucks.

One 16oz. bottle of additive treats 500 gallons of diesel fuel. RBP has a unique bottle with a 1 oz. reservoir on top. Just squeeze the bottle and it fills the reservoir with additive, which you then pour into your fuel tank every fill-up. Standard and high performance (HP) versions are available. Larger quantities are available by special order.

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AEM’s Water/Alcohol Injection Kit


Water injection to improve truck performance is not a new idea, but AEM’s Water/Methanol Injection kit is the idea perfected. The kit reduces air inlet temperatures and exhaust-gas temperatures. This allows you to increase boost pressure and/or advance timing without having to run higher-octane fuel. It’s like getting to run 100+ octane gas for the price of Premium!

The AEM kit’s universal design adapts to virtually any vehicle via multiple jets to suit a vehicle’s power requirements. It reduces air inlet temperatures, which allows increased boost pressure and advance timing without having to run higher-octane fuel. It includes all the features necessary to do water/alcohol injection right. No optional components are required. Kits include either a one or five gallon tank with a fluid level sensor standard.

Because AEM believes engine protection is a requirement, not an option, they include their “Boost Safe” output in every controller. If the system runs out of fluid or detects an error, the Boost Safe output feature allows users to retard timing or reduce boost. The kit uses a boost dependent, variable-flow progressive controller to determine the amount of water/alcohol mixture (up to 50% alcohol).

The controller commands a progressive 150-PSI pump that delivers the mixture, and flow adjustments at the inlet are made via three included jets designed to match most engine power requirements. The result is significant horsepower gains using pump gas at about half the cost of racing fuel.

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