Exhausts: Truck Parts That Will Make Your Engine Roar

Burning rubber down the road and hearing the engine rumbling along, you feel the true power of your truck. But without the proper truck parts, your truck will never reach its full potential. One of the biggest steps you can take to reaching maximum efficiency and power is by getting a betterexhaust. These truck parts are designed to increase horsepower, produce higher torque, and provide better gas mileage.

So what is it that makes an exhaust so key to the performance of your truck? At its most basic, the purpose of this truck part is to take all of the spent gases away from the engine to make room for the new fuel air mixture. The engine needs this air to operate and if there’s used gas taking up space, there’s going to be less fuel to power the engine. This is actually a rather common problem; generally, these stock truck parts are not large enough to allow for the amount of breathing the truck needs. An upgraded exhaust will have more breathing room, allowing more room for the fresh fuel air mixture, which will ultimately save you gas because your engine will actually have the fuel it needs to operate efficiently.

Plus, let’s be honest: the awesome sound it produces is half the reason for getting a better exhaust. When you hear the thundering roar coming out of this truck part, you know you’ve got a powerful piece of machinery in your hands. This is the only way to get that genuine, high performance sound. And conversely, if you just want to increase the engine’s performance without affecting the sound much, that option is available as well. Here’s the basic way to determine which type of exhaust to get based on sound:

  • Single Side Exhausts – These truck parts are going to be almost exactly like your stock exhaust, but with a little more space to increase engine performance. The sound will not be affected much.
  • Dual Side Exhausts – If you want less constraint on the system and a louder sound, then these truck parts are for you.
  • Dual Rear Exhausts – Many believe that, aesthetically, these are the best as they fit under the bumper instead of bending around the wheels. Other than that, the performance will be about the same as the dual side exhausts.

And don’t forget that when you upgrade the exhaust you should also upgrade the muffler. Replacing both of these truck parts at the same time will provide a considerable increase in power.