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6 Commonly Asked Questions about Jeep Soft Tops – Part 2

Now that you’ve purchased your Jeep soft top, there are still plenty of questions you may have. In the second half of our article, we’ll answer the most common questions for people who have bought Jeep soft tops, including installations, returns, and replacement parts.

3. Can I install the Jeep soft top myself?
Answer: In general, if you have the basic tools and general mechanical knowledge, you can definitely install a soft top. Of course, like anything else, the difficulty of the installation depends on which Jeep soft top you choose. An average installation can range anywhere from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours. We absolutely recommend following the installation instructions, which can often be found online directly from the manufacturer.

4. One of the components on my Jeep soft top broke. Can I get a replacement part?
Answer: You can find individual replacement parts for your Jeep soft top, but the real question here is, “Is that the smartest choice?” Bestop offers a decent range of replacement parts that will lengthen the life of your soft top. However, replacement parts are often very expensive. In many cases, it’s not worth it to replace the components individually when you could get a whole new soft top kit that has everything you need at a more reasonable price. It mostly depends on whether you think this will be a one-time thing or if you foresee more and more pieces needing replacement. Read More…