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Mickey Thompson: The Man and Legend Behind Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

by Steve Temple

If you Google “Mickey Thompson,” you’ll find a lot of listings for tires and wheels. This is because Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels have a stellar reputation. Take a little more time searching Wikipedia and other sources and you’ll find out about the man behind the company that bears his name.

Usually, in a manufacturer’s profile we like to focus on products a company offers to give readers an idea of what’s offered and what the products do for you. However, in this case, a closer look at the company founder and automotive legend, Thompson, will also give you some clear insight into the product. So, here goes. Read More…

Choosing the Right Truck Wheels

Steel or Cast Alloy wheels – the choices are few, but getting the right set for your vehicle could prove a bit more complicated if you don´t know the difference. Whether you´re aiming for some lightweight wheels that offer maximum shine, or going for a more heavy duty option to handle that off–road workload, it pays to know what type of wheel will best suit your needs.

truck wheel attributes

Steel Wheels

Although slightly heavier than alloy wheels,steel wheels employ solid construction and heavy-duty materials to reap certain benefits. The stamped construction of steel truck wheels provides better durability and a more consistent composition that you can’t get out of cast and machined alloys. The end result is that steel wheels are typically more uniform, and therefore, less prone to wobbling. Additionally, steel truck wheels boast excellent longevity, as they are less porous and more resistant to corrosion from dirt, sand, or brake depletion. Read More…

Jeep Tires and Top Rated Jeep Tire Brands

Jeep tires are a big purchase, and as such should be given a significant amount of attention before handing over hard-earned dollars for just any Jeep tire model.

Considering the sheer number of models, sizes, and brands of Jeep tires out there, narrowing it down to that perfect Jeep tire purchase can be a somewhat lengthy and convoluted process.

Thus, in order to help get you one step closer to getting the Jeep tires that will suit your needs, 4 Wheel Parts would like to take a moment to review two of the more popular Jeep tire brands to assist you with making a more informed purchase decision. Read More…

4 Wheel Parts: Lift Kits, Winches, & More

4 Wheel Parts is out to prove that we’re not just about providing you with off road gear. In fact, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make our mark as not just a supplier, but also as a strong supporter within the off road industry.

That said we would like to take a moment to show you exactly how we attempt to go above and beyond in order to get you the parts you need so you can hit the trail with your new gear as soon as possible.

4 Wheel Parts is changing the way you buy your favorite off road parts:

Lift Kits:

It’s no secret that 4 Wheel Parts offers a staggering array of suspension and body lift kits from top name brands that include Pro Comp, Fabtech, Rancho, and many others. Read More…