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Banks Power – Investing in Performance Pays Big Dividends for Off-Roaders

By Steve Temple

Gale Banks has become synonymous with high performance. Since the late ‘60s, Banks has been servicing off-road and dune buggy enthusiasts with parts to enhance performance and maximize off-road capabilities. Plus, he is renowned for powering drag trucks, showing great versatility. In fact, in the spring of 2008 he clocked 7.72 seconds at 179.21mph with his diesel-powered Sidewinder Chevy S-10. It’s this kind of power that has singled out Gale Banks as a leader in high-performance engines. Yet what makes them truly stand out is that they simultaneously provide optimal efficiency, making Gale Banks Engineering a master of both speed and practicality.

At a spry 12 years old in ‘50s south central Los Angeles, Banks decided that not having a key to his Mom’s 1931 Model A was hardly a deterrent to making some improvements on it – hot wiring worked just as well as any key. His work on the Model A was soon transferred to a ’41 Chevy, which became the first vehicle to have a Banks-crafted intake. From there, he souped up a ’36 Buick to become a standout racing vehicle. This inspired him to make a business out of his talent, starting with machine work and valve jobs in his very own family garage. Read More…