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Level-Lift Suspension Buyers Guide

Daystar Leveling Kits For Chevy Hd Trucks

Building a Level Lift kit for Chevy 2500 and 3500 HD trucks has always been a challenge. The HD platform uses a proven IFS torsion bar front suspension design, but the factory suspension utilizes one of seven different torsion bar keys. Each of these keys is indexed differently, which results in a wide range of factory ride heights. Leveling the stance of any torsion-bar-equipped truck involves replacing the factory torsion bar keys with new ones that have been re-indexed to allow more ride height adjustment. OE factory keys can vary up to 18 degrees. Daystar has the final level lift solution for the HD with two different torsion bar keys that provide lift regardless of how the truck was equipped from the factory. The HD torsion keys are forged from high-quality steel and designed to OE specifications, providing up to 2″ of lift to level the front. Part number KG09107 fits vehicles equipped with purple, blue, and yellow-colored factory torsion keys. Part number KG09114 fits vehicles with orange, green, white, or brown factory keys. HD owners will need to verify which factory torsion bar key their truck uses before ordering. Kits also include extended shock brackets so that the factory shock absorbers can be retained. The maximum recommended tire size this kit will allow is 285/70 or 33×11.5. Read More…

Leveling Kits

While leveling kits may not get as much attention as complete suspension lift kits, truck leveling kits are nonetheless important pieces of equipment for a variety of reasons.

Typically, leveling kits are the unsung heroes of vehicle performance: a finished painting that is complete in every way, but hangs on your wall slightly crooked. This is where truck leveling kits step in to do their part.

Problem is, however, that leveling kits are truck parts that fly relatively under the radar. Sure, most people know their general purpose and premise behind them, but rarely does someone know about the various types or appropriate application of truck leveling kits. Read More…