Choosing the Right Truck Wheels

Steel or Cast Alloy wheels – the choices are few, but getting the right set for your vehicle could prove a bit more complicated if you don´t know the difference. Whether you´re aiming for some lightweight wheels that offer maximum shine, or going for a more heavy duty option to handle that off–road workload, it pays to know what type of wheel will best suit your needs.

truck wheel attributes

Steel Wheels

Although slightly heavier than alloy wheels,steel wheels employ solid construction and heavy-duty materials to reap certain benefits. The stamped construction of steel truck wheels provides better durability and a more consistent composition that you can’t get out of cast and machined alloys. The end result is that steel wheels are typically more uniform, and therefore, less prone to wobbling. Additionally, steel truck wheels boast excellent longevity, as they are less porous and more resistant to corrosion from dirt, sand, or brake depletion.

Advantages of Steel Wheels

1.       Heavy Duty Durability

While slightly heavier than alloy wheels, steel wheels are also more durable. Additionally, steel is more malleable than aluminum, preventing chipping or breakage due to impact.

2.       Consistent Composition

The stamped construction of steel wheels helps them to be more uniform and symmetrical, increasing structural integrity and reducing the likelihood of wobbling.

3.       Longevity

Steel truck wheels are less porous than aluminum wheels, allowing better resistance against dirt, sand, and brake depletion.


Rock Crawler Xtreme Steel Wheels

The Pro Comp Rock Crawler truck wheels are renowned for heavy-duty construction for consistent performance and durable, off-road toughness. Offering quality construction and availability in a number of stylish designs you would hardly believe that many of these wheels are priced significantly lower than most other wheels with the same features. Experience for yourself why Pro Comp Rock Crawlers are our most popular truck wheels.

Cast Alloy Wheels

1.       Low-Pressure Casting

Cast alloy wheels employ low-pressure casting techniques for increased malleability. This allows alloys to be more flexible, therefore granting manufacturers a certain level of metallurgic creativity.

2.       Porous Metal Compound

The aluminum alloy of cast wheels is more porous, which allows better airflow through the wheels to help cool down heated brakes.

3.       Rust-Resistant Shine

Cast aluminum alloy wheels are rust-resistant, easy to clean, and produce a consistent, long-lasting shine.


Pro Comp Xtreme Alloy Wheels

Count on Pro Comp Xtreme Alloy tires to provide the latest, eye-catching styles in lightweight wheels for today’s performance trucks and SUVs. Using state of the art low pressure casting for unsurpassed wheel strength, and advanced alloy composition for lightweight, temperature-efficient performance, Pro Comp’s multiple styles of chrome and polish wheels at affordable prices are tough to beat.


Mickey Thompson Wheels

Mickey Thompson’s complete line of aluminum wheels bear highly distinctive styling, mirror-like finish, and unheard of durability. Advanced rotary casting technology goes into each truck wheel, resulting in an attention-getting look that offers high load ratings and a classic feel. Some bolt patterns are model specific to ensure perfect and easy fitment, and a multitude of designs are available.


Dick Cepek Wheels

For polished aluminum truck wheels with an off-road look and feel, look no further than Dick Cepek wheels. Utilizing the same care, quality, and performance that Dick Cepek is known to offer, their entire line of wheels is built for maximum caliper clearance for today’s modern trucks and SUVs. Dick Cepek truck wheels come in a number of bolt patterns and styles.


Diamo Wheels

Featuring some of the hottest new designs for custom truck wheels in the industry today, Diamo wheels are a high quality option that offer wicked spoke design, sturdy reliability, and affordability. With cast-constructed wheels ranging from polished chrome, to machined silver, and machined black, Diamo’s line of custom truck wheels is progressively emerging as a contender in the industry.


Helo Wheels

Helo is a name synonymous with style in truck wheels. Offering custom, street-oriented wheels tailored for stock, lifted, or lowered trucks, the massive selection of the hottest designs has something for everyone. With so many slick designs and colors available, it’ll almost make you overlook the high-tech construction and overall performance that make these some of the most dependable truck wheels on the market.


Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal truck wheels are all about style, and it certainly shows in their true street designs that are perfect for today’s trucks and SUVs. Available in polished chrome or a striking black finish, proper offsets are available within a massive selection of styles and finishes to help your truck make a statement with its wheels. One look at Moto Metal wheels is all you need to see what makes them great.


XD Series Wheels

Custom designed for the lifted truck and SUV/market, the rugged designs of XD Series cast aluminum wheels provide the ultimate style statement on or off the road. With chrome and black painted designs unlike any other and supreme construction for the utmost performance in any situation, XD Series wheels are sure to cause invoke a large following of jealous onlookers.


KMC Wheels

For sparkling polish and outrageous style unattainable by most competitors, KMC truck wheels offer some of the hottest wheels available on the market, and it shows in their unmistakably hip designs. With a wide variety of wheel sizes and styles to suit your truck needs for the perfect style statement, there is simply no substitute for KMC truck wheels.