Husky Liners

Featuring ruggedized, patented thermoplastic technology, Husky liners protect your floorboards from spills, mud, dirt, and anything else you can throw at them. With a lifetime warranty, these floor liners will be your truck’s trusted companion for a long time.

Protect Your Truck’s Interior Carpet With Husky Liners
Guaranteed not to crack or break, Husky liners often outlast your vehicle. Available in a range of colors, these floor liners are fully customizable to fit your truck’s front seat, second seat, third seat, and rear cargo area. Each Husky liner set is constructed of a rubberized thermoplastic material that comes in various form-fitting designs. Each liner protects your carpet from dirt and spilled liquids that can cause stubborn stains.

High-quality construction
The research and development engineers at Husky are masters of the craft. Husky produces floor mats that are thicker and tougher than the flimsy products available off the shelf. Husky liners are constructed with embossed ribbing to keep your feet above dirt, mud, and water. They are made to withstand the most extreme conditions and to stay in place even with the constant abuse they take. Husky liners use a patented technology called STA-PUT NIBS. If your mats shift and expose your truck’s carpet, this defeats the purpose of installing floor mats. Husky’s STA-PUT NIBS grip carpet without any anchors or fasteners. Out of the box, Husky liners are ready to install and stay in place to protect your truck’s interior.

Custom fit
Using the latest coordinate measuring and laser scanning technology, Husky liners are fully customizable to fit the floorboard of your make and model of truck to exact specifications. Husky engineers use data drawn from digital reproductions of your vehicle’s floorboards to match the complex surfaces of the floor’s layout to the liners. This ensures a perfect fit. Husky’s form-fitted liners also feature patented raised containment walls that keep stains off of your carpet in the most demanding weather conditions. Fluid containment treads and ribs have channels that move spills away from your feet, trapping fluids and debris for later disposal.

Husky liners are the perfect way to ruggedize your truck’s interior. Protecting your carpet increases your vehicle’s value by keeping the interior in like-new condition. Without Husky liners, your floorboards may become worn, stained, and damaged.