4 Truck Accessories to Boost Performance

Let’s face it – stock truck accessories just aren’t made to provide optimum performance. If you really want to maximize horsepower, torque, gas mileage, and overall truck performance you have to look to the aftermarket truck parts that are built with that goal in mind. From the roaring power of a new exhaust to the elite technology of computer programmers, we’ve got the range to provide you with everything you need to take your truck to the limit.


Product: aFe BladeRunner Turbo Inlet Tube
Applications: 2004.5-2005 GM Duramax LLY with V8-6.6L

A component as small as a turbo inlet tube probably doesn’t seem like it has that great an effect on truck performance, but these truck accessories pack a surprisingly large punch. Not only have they shown to provide 53 lb.-ft of torque and 23 hp, but air flow also increased by 73% when compared to the stock intake. It’s all thanks to aFe’s innovative MDV, or Multiple Directional Vane, technology. With this new technology, the aFe BladeRunner Turbo Inlet Tube is designed to minimize pressure loss. The result is a faster turbo spool up, which means increased mpg and lower EGTs for your truck. And since these truck parts are made out of A356-T6 aluminum with stainless steel hardware, it will be lightweight, durable, and easy to install.

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Product: Centerforce DF505120 Clutch Assembly
Models: Centerforce I & Dual Friction
Applications: 2005-2008 Toyota Tacoma 2.7L 2TRFE Engine

Get a higher holding capacity when you replace the stock pressure plate with this Centerforce Clutch Assembly. Because they’re designed to be a direct bolt in, these truck accessories will provide perfect fit, function, and an overall more reliable assembly. This is thanks to Centerforce’s dedication to creating only the best products for any truck performance level. They remain at the top of the market by constantly striving to achieve new, innovative ways to make their truck parts using various materials, designs, and their own patented processes. Plus, Centerforce made sure to provide options for all kinds of drivers. If you find yourself doing a lot of different types of driving, from the highways to off-road and even throwing in some mild towing, then the Centerforce I clutch assembly is the all-purpose truck accessory for you. If, however, you need something more heavy-duty to take on heavy towing and extreme off-roading, give the Dual Friction clutch assembly a try.

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Product: aFe Mach Force-XP Exhaust Applications: ’09 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra V8-4.8/5.3/6.0L

With the monstrous power of the aFe Mach Force-XP exhaust system, not only are you going to get that aggressive roar but you’re also getting increased air flow. This is what makes the difference in the truck performance, producing 14 lb.-ft of torque, 12 hp, and 28% more flow than the factory exhaust. These truck accessories are constructed out of large, mandrel-bent, 3″ 409 stainless steel with 4″ stainless steel welded tips, for long-lasting superior performance. The exhaust installs with the help of welded-on, bayonet-style hangers to ensure that there is no shifting or vibrating under high heat or pressure. Please note that this cat-back exhaust system fits all wheelbases and is flex fuel okay, but will not fit the hybrid.

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Product: Superchips GM Gas Flashpaq & Cortex Tuners
Applications: 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe, Silverado & GMC Sierra, Yukon 4.8Ls

Superchips Flashpaq and Cortex tuners hook directly to the engine to provide up to 11.2 horsepower and 11.3 lb.-ft of torque for your truck, while making the overall drivability and performance better. This is obvious in the improved throttle response, adjustable shift firmness, and higher rev limiter. An exciting new feature of these truck accessories is the ability to tune them specifically for towing use in addition to street and trail driving. You can even tune them so that your truck performance focuses specifically on fuel economy. And they have a ton of additional useful features! You can recalibrate for axle gear changes and tire diameter, scan for problems with the diagnostic tool, log truck performance data, adjust cooling fan settings, and get real-time idle up and in-cabin vehicle sensor display. Both of these truck parts will work with most cat-back exhaust systems and cold-air intakes without having to make adjustments. If you choose the Cortex, it will include an exclusive limited 2-year powertrain warranty.

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While it may seem like you’re shelling out a decent chunk of change for some smaller parts, you can see how much of a difference they’ll make in your truck performance. Find these truck accessories at www.Performance4Trucks.com or call 1-800-578-8132 to order.